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The Florin Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) is one of the oldest and most active local community organizations involved in teaching cross-cultural understanding and promoting civil rights of all people. Established in 1935, the Florin JACL is run entirely by volunteers, and is sustained from community donations and membership dues. We host several valued programs open to the entire community each year. These programs include, click here.


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The Florin Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) was formally organized by the Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) in 1935. It is one chapter of a nationwide volunteer, non-profit and educational organization striving to uphold the human and civil rights of Japanese Americans and all Americans. There are 115 chapters with 15,000 members including a chapter each in Japan and Hawaii, and Gay-Lesbian and Singles chapters in Los Angeles.  For more facts, click here.


> Florin JACL 75 Year Chronology (PDF document)

The Florin JACL has taken to heart the lessons of their World War II internment saying “Never again” and striving to be a guardian of the Constitution and the rights of all Americans to be free from bigotry, racism, and backlash.  Here are some of the historical highlights of the Florin JACL over the past 75 years, click here.


> Florin JACL Constitution

WE, AMERICAN CITIZENS OF JAPANESE ANCESTRY RESIDING IN AND AROUND THE VICINITY OF FLORIN, CALIFORNIA, in order to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the principles for which it stands against all enemies, foreign and domestic; to foster and spread the true spirit of Americanism; to build the character of our people morally, spiritually and socially on American ideals and traditions; to speed the ultimate and complete assimilation of the Japanese American into the American cultural patern; to promote the welfare and aid in the development of all Americans of Japanese extraction as an integral and inseperable part of the national life; and to enjoy the priveleges and benefits of the National Organization; ESTABLISH THIS CONSTITUTION FOR THE FLORIN CHAPTER OF THE JAPANESE AMERICAN CITIZENS LEAGUE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  For entire constitution, click here.


> Iritani Family

One of the most active Japanese American families around, here is a collection of articles by and about various members of the Iritani Family.  For more information, click here










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