2007 Florin JACL Multiracial Forum


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Amos (and Mary) Freeman

Amos was born in Rochester , New York on August 4, 1931. He was the seventh child of eight, five brothers and two sisters, from mother Addie Mae Adams Freeman and father Percy Freeman. He served in the Detroit National Guard, boarded a troop train, and headed for Fort Lewis , Washington . This was at the start of the Korean War. Later the all black Battalion boarded an army troop ship and were sent to Frankfurt , Germany . Amos moved to Los Angeles , California , where he worked as a social worker for Los Angeles County . Later, he worked for the state of  California as an Administrative Law Judge for Social Services. Thereafter, he transferred to the California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board as an Administrative Law Judge. He retired in December 1993. He met Mary Kato in 1973 while attending an administrative law judge conference in Sacramento . He was introduced to her by his cousin who also lived in Sacramento . His cousin was married to Mary's younger sister. Mary also worked for social services. She was a widow with five children. Amos was divorced with two children. After a short courtship, they married on January 18, 1974, and Amos moved to Sacramento . Eventually, Amos' two boys joined them in Sacramento , and they all lived as a blended family until all of the children except one moved out on their own. They have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls. They range in ages from two years to 13.


Mary was born in Livingston , California .  Her family consisted of her, her five brothers and two sisters. She was the seventh child, next to the youngest. Her mother Tsura Taguchi Kashiwase and father Katsuchika Kashiwase were both born in northern Japan . Mary attended school in Livingston until the ninth grade at which time she and her family were sent to an assembly Center at Merced County Fairgrounds to be evacuated as part of the US government's removal of all Japanese from the West Coast. They were later transported by train to Amache  Colorado internment camp. They were part of the US government's illegal removal of all Japanese, US citizens and non-citizens, from the West Coast during World War II. Mary and her family were released from the camp in 1945, and they returned to Livingston . She married Ben Kato in 1948 in Sacramento , California . Ben passed away in 1968. Mary went to work for the state of California , Social Services Department. She retired as a medical transcriber in 1990. Both Mary and Amos are members of the Sacramento Senator Lions Club and are members of the Florin Japanese American Citizens League. Amos is a founding member of the Wiley Manual Bar Association.

Glendalee Scully

Glendalee Scully is a tenured Professor of Law at the University of Pacific , McGeorge School of Law.  She has been practicing law at a variety of positions since she graduated from McGeorge in 1972 as the Valedictorian.  Professor Scully has been a Certified Family Law Specialist since 1981.  She has been a Judge pro tem of the Sacramento Superior Court since 1984.  Professor Scully was also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court in 1989.

Boyce Hinman

Boyce Hinman is the founder of the Lamda Letters Project and the Campaign for Family Partner Benefits. He has also served on numerous other community boards, including a two year term as Chair of Advocates for Gay and Lesbian State Employees and service as a member of the Gay Coalition of the United Church of Christ, Northern California Conference.  Mr Hinman has received numerous awards, including the Human Rights Award from the Sacramento County Homan Rights Fair Housing Commission and the Tim Warford  Lifetime Award from the Lamda Community Center of Sacramento .

Decided June 12, 1967

Virginia 's statutory scheme to prevent marriages between persons solely on the basis of racial classifications held to violate the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

1994 JACL National Resolution

“The prohibition of same-sex marriages is a violation of civil and human rights and the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”

January 23, 1999

First Florin JACL Multiracial Forum
Doubles: A Multiracial Documentary and Discussion by Curtiss Takeda Rooks.  A documentary suggesting that instead of identifying people as fractions of race/ethnicity (half Asian Am and half Latino), people could consider identifying as multiples of race/ethnicity (100% African Am and 100% European Am).



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